Baden-Baden - summer capital of Europe

Baden-Baden is an atmospheric spa town, that once was favoured by Napoleon and many other European aristocrats, spanning from Russia to Portugal. Baden-Baden that is still known as summer capital of Europe, is also among one of the Germany's oldest cities. It used to be inhabited by Celts, before the invasion of Romans in 80 AD.

The city’ s Trinkhalle is available to both – guests and locals, so that everyone would have the possibility to appreciate the water’s healing properties. Baden-Baden healing waters are used not only for wellness but for beauty treatments, as well.

Unofficially Baden-Baden is also called German Las Vegas, since here stands the largest, oldest and the most beautiful Western European casino.

Baden-Baden is also memorable for its rose garden with princess Josefine bridge and fountain. Princess is also member of House of Zähringen, and interestingly, the Latvian House in Freiburg is located in the district named after this family.

Foto: CC0 Lizenz

Updated March 3, 2019