Highest waterfall of Germany in Triberg

In the picturesque Black Forest town Triberg, some of the highest waterfalls can be found. These are one of the main attractions of the Black Forest. Follow along the 163m high waterfalls to see the mighty current tumbling down each of seven cascades until finally clashing into a pool.

Triberg Waterfalls have many surprises. In case you have made it to the waterfall during the daytime, it is still possible to see them in literally another light, when the sun goes down, the cascades and you can still enjoy the sight by 22 o'clock.

These Germany's most famous waterfalls are accessible during any time of year, even in winter. During Christmas, the waterfalls' lighting steps up its game, but when the snow starts to melt in springtime, the volume increases significantly and there is a special viewing platform from where the cloud of droplets can be seen.

You can choose to follow one of the three marked trails - nature, culture or cascade path and experience the Black Forest nature at its finest!

Triberg Waterfalls is located in the heart of the town, but there are 4 other paths leading to them.

Admission rates

Attention! During off-peak season prices reduced.

Pricing during peak season

waterfall / museum *


4,00 EUR

9,00 EUR

Concession (youth ages 8-17, students)

3,50 EUR

6,50 EUR

Family ticket

9,50 EUR

19,50 EUR

Group ticket
- 20 adults and more
- For every 20 visitors 1 person free!

3,50 EUR

9,00 EUR

- Visitors with Triberg guest card
- Children under 7


Guest Card equals BlackForest Guest Card
* Combi-Card waterfall / museum = entry to the waterfall and Black Forest Museum. Available during summer (Easter to early November, depending on the weather).