Rhine Falls - Europe's largest waterfall near Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Nature's majesty and power takes the breath away from many people around the world. Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen is the genuine power of nature! Located just close by German-Swiss border.

With 150 m of width, 23 m of height and water flow of 700 000 m3 per second, makes it the largest plain waterfall in Europe. This impressive natural wonder is in the last ice age, when the Rhine river turns its direction of flow to south.

Interesting, that Rhine river shares its shores with Germany and Switzerland. On both sides of the river there are breathtaking views. Visitors have a chance to catch a boat in the middle of the river.

The viewing platforms are placed at multiple levels, thus providing various viewing angles. When standing on the lowest platform, the waterfall seems just a stone's throw away.

It is therefore possible to take a guided tour around the surroundings of the Rhine Falls. So, do not miss a visit to the nearby Laufen castle from where opens a wonderful view to the waterfall and surrounding area.

Swiss National Day (1st of August), when you look particularly beautiful right after the fireworks.

Access to the Northern Banks is open 24h a day, all year around. Further information available here.

The thrilling experience is free of charge! However, pricing for other services are available here.

The information was last updated on 04.03.2019