The heavenly Flower Island Mainau in Germany

History of the Flowering Island Mainau begins as far back as the 19th century, when the Grand Duke of Baden brought back some of the exotic plants he had received during his travels and planted them on the island.

The whole Mainau island is shaped as a large garden; and only the grandest flower and plant museum in the world combined could aspire to resemble its beauty. Although the island is a private property of the Bernadotte family, it is available to the public and attract millions of people every year.

The sea of ​​flowers is over 500,000 different types of plants, which are more than 180 years old and whose seeds were taken from South America.

The butterfly house holds more than 120 species of butterflies from Africa, Asia, and South America. The biggest butterflies have a wingspan of 30 cm, - something you definitely have seen in your life yet!

The palm house, where more than 20 species of palm trees can be seen. Among them is the 15 meters high Canary date palm, which was planted back in 1888!

Mainau has a special children's paradise, which offers a variety of exciting adventures. Children's playground is complemented by a dwarf village, a water world and even a special zoo with live animals to pet and flower animals to admire.

Entrance fees:
Day pass costs 21,50 Euros for adults during the summer season, and 12,50 Euros for students and children starting from 13 years of age. Children younger than 12 years have a free entrance. 
Winter season tickets are half of the price.

Visitor hours:
The Mainau Island is open to the sunrise!

More information can be found on the official website of Mainau!

Phone number: +49 (0) 7531 303-0
The exact address: Mainau, 78465, Constance, Germany

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The information was last updated on 01.03.2019