Freiburg in Breisgau

Capital of the Black Forest: Freiburg, the greenest and sunniest city in Germany. Its unique Old City is just 4 km away from Latvian House Berzaine.

At the heart of the city lies the majestic Minster. The cathedral’s 116 meter high tower is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the whole Christian world. Freiburg Minster’s tower was completed in the Middle Ages, thus acquiring special significance among other Europe’s grand cathedral towers, which were not completed.

The magic of Freiburg lies in the system of streams that smoothly run between the city’s streets. Like in other cities there are rain gutters, however here they also serve as a cooler on hot days. In the old times, people used to use this system to water the livestock or, if necessary, put out fire.

Cathedral’s Square is also worth the visit, where tourists from around the world flock together to take in the city’s historical heritage. On all days, except Sunday, there is a market, where local farmers sell their produce, such as: fried chestnuts, natural juices, typical German sausages and as well as all sort of crafts.

The square is surrounded by lovely cafés, pubs, restaurants and kid’s favoured ice-cream shops. While listening to the bubbling of the fountains and buskers performing live music, you will be able to leisurely enjoy the atmosphere of the old town.

Freiburg still keeps up with the higher education. Since 1457 it is called the student city and, thanks to the solar panels, also the Germany’s most ecological city.

For a relaxed visit, we suggest dedicating a full day for this landmark. Since there are many more notable landmarks to visit, that will be enjoyed by both - old and young. Such as Zahringen Castle ruins, 20 minutes away from B?rzaine, mineral and thermal SPA Keidel, as well as an opportunity to take a look at the Black Forest during a cycling tour.