The flowery Alsace Wine Route in France

Many roads lead to France, yet one of the best known and most beautiful is the Alsatian Wine Route. 170 km - along approximately 1000 vineyards, medieval castles, renaissance houses and through village streets decorated with flowers. The famous Alsatian Wine Route officially opened for tourists in 1953 and presents the wine traditions and culture. Here, in little taverns set up by winemakers themselves one can taste refined local wines. If you choose, for instance, Gewürztraminer, you want to taste a juicy, clear berry bouquet!

From April to November the villages and towns along the wine route organize 50 wine festivals with tastings and festive processions. However, there are also wine cellars that invite you to enjoy the magic of the Alsatian wines throughout the whole year.

One of the most famous of the Alsatian Wine Road pearls is Riquewihr - a romantic winemaker town about 65 km away from Freiburg. It seems to have come straight from the Middle Ages. Despite the many wars, it has been managed to preserve its original look. Riquewihr is surrounded by a high medieval city wall, and all the buildings - shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants like children's fairytale books. In the appropriate time the local winemakers are not wasting time but diligently doing their job. Thanks to their exquisite wines, Riquewihr had once become prosperous.

Alsace, the second wine region in France, has a unique climate that allows the grapes to ripen slowly, providing dry and aromatic wines, so giving them a great subtlety and unrivaled intensity that is perfectly compatible with the majority of Western and Asian cuisine!

For many tourists the main goal of the trip along the Alsatian Wine Route is the Winery Hugel & Fils. It was established in 1639 in the picturesque village of Riquewihr in the French province of Alsace and is still wholly owned and run by the twelfth consecutive generation of the same family. Alsace wines - Vendange Tardive and Selection of Grains Nobles - and drafted the law that governs their production. The Hugel winery produces an average of 110,000 boxes per year, of which about 90% are exported to over 100 countries around the world.

More information about the Hugel & Fils winery can be found on the official website !

The information was last updated on 04.03.2019