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Europa Park - bester Freizeitpark der Welt

Der Europa Park mit mehr als 100 Attraktionen, Achterbahnen und seinen fantastischen Shows bietet ein einzigartiges Erlebnis für die ganze Familie. Mit mehr als 5 Millionen jährlichen Besuchern ist der Europa Park der beliebteste saisonale Erlebnispark der Welt!

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Black Forest gem – Titisee lake

World-famous Titisee is the largest natural lake in Black Forest, covering 1,3 km2 and reaching ~40 m in depth. On the northern shore of Titisee stands Titisee-Neustadt, one of the most popular resort place in the South of Baden-Württemberg region.

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Wer Freiburg kennenlernen will, der sollte auch Todtnau besuchen.

Dort befindet sich der höchste Wasserfall Deutschlands, lediglich 10 Minuten vom Schauinsland-Berg bzw. 30 Minuten vom Lettischen Haus entfernt. Für Naturfreunde die gerne wandern ist Todtnau sogar eine Pflicht.

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Highest waterfalls of Germany in Triberg

In the picturesque Black Forest town Triberg, some of the highest waterfalls can be found. These are one of the main attractions of the Black Forest. Follow along the 163m high waterfalls to see the mighty current tumbling down each of seven cascades until finally clashing into a pool.

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Escape summer heat and enjoy being one with nature at Lake Schluchsee

The resort Schluchsee lies on the lake of the same name in the very middle of the Black Forest at 930m altitude. The largest lake in the Black Forest is at the same time the centre of water sport activities of the region and for years has been one of the cleanest bathing lakes in Germany.

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The German Clock Museum in Furtwangen!

You can't even imagine how many different watches exist in the world! Starting from huge ones that may take up an entire wall of a room, to ones that can only be studied with a magnifying glass. There are even clocks that play beautiful music and have a puppet show every half an hour! To see these wonders, one has to go to the German Clock Museum in Furtwangen!

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The heavenly Flower Island Mainau in Germany!

The whole Mainau island is shaped as a large garden; and only the grandest flower and plant museums in the world combined could aspire to resemble its beauty. Although the island is a private property of the Bernadotte family, it is available to the public and attracts millions of garden and nature lovers every year.

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Black Forest gateau - one of Germany’s most famous desserts

Upon a visit to any regional restaurant or cafe, take a quick glance at the menu and you’ll be sure to find the Schwarzwälderkirschtorte (Black Forest Gateau).

For a taste of the real deal, try the following spot: Café Schäfer!

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Kaiserstuhl and Tuniberg’s renowned wine festivals at the backdrop of volcanic massifs

In the acclivity of the Black Forest, Upper Rhine Valley stand Kaiserstuhl and Tuniberg volcanic massifs. Here tourists from around the world move uphill for mountaineering and hiking or stay downhill to sip wine in one of the many vineyards.

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Unusual ham museum in Germany

Most of us love ham, however, not many actually know how it is made. The original museum, that’s located in former radio tower Feldbergturm, allows visitors to get to know the traditional Black Forest ham is produced through exciting interactive exhibition.

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Baden-Baden – summer capital of Europe  

Baden-Baden is an atmospheric spa town, that once was favoured by Napoleon and many other European aristocrats, spanning from Russia to Portugal. Baden-Baden that is still known as summer capital of Europe, is also among one of the Germany's oldest cities.

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Burg Meersburg – älteste bewohnte Burg Deutschlands

Hoch über dem Bodensee erhebt sich "Die Meersburg", das Wahrzeichen der Region. Die alte Meersburg, das neue Schloss Meersburg und die ausgezeichnet erhaltene Stadt sowie die Weinreben rund um den Ort herum machen den Besuch zu einem besonderen Erlebnis.

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Markgräfler Wiiwegli

The “Wiiwegli” is a spectacular hiking trail for nature and wine fans. It runs 80 marvellous kilometres through rolling hills to where the landscape of the Markgräflerland region fades into the Upper Rhine Valley, the “wine and fruit region” between Weil am Rhein and Freiburg.

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Rüdesheim am Rhein - where wine festivals take place every day

Winemaker town Rudesheim am Rhein is named the loveliest provincial town in the riverbanks of Rhine. On the main street – Drosselgasse - wine festivals take place every day! When visiting the town, it is a must to take a trip with the cable car which takes you above the vast vineyards.

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